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Blogging the apocalypse. #3

Blogging the apocalypse. #3

Summer’s saying hello again. One last upper-seventies hurrah before autumn prevails. Outback, it is. Tepid and somehow sterile air belies mid-state wildfires. Maybe all the better to take in a new taste. Feeling more grasshopper than ant, suppose it’s best to visit the Elysian Apocalypse series again. This time, in the form of Fallout Green Cardamom Pale. December 21, here I come.

Elysian Apocalypse Series Green Cardamom Pale

Green Cardamom Pale Label Detail

Artwork, as usual, is intriguing. Love the ominous, fleshy strands spilling forth from storm clouds. Really need to pick up that Black Hole graphic novel. Only could guess how much more contextualized this tasting could be.

Getting to it, the open reveals herb-garden overtones to an obviously pale brew. Pour releases pleasant, sweet-and-savory cardamom with a hint of hops. Taste is even spicier than smell. Cardamom pepperiness travels the whole of the palate, leaving just enough room for backseat hop-bitterness. Fallout is a medium-bodied brew that really shines in being what it is; an experimental beer employing hops as a vehicle for trucking herbaceous oeuvre. Fallout is as much aperitif as ale. love everything about this brew – especially the faithful, wet-grass translation of the green cardamom. C’est Magnifique!

Slowly approaching the bottom, Fallout is fomenting thoughts of a full-time offering in the vein of this friendly freak. Can’t wait to move through the rest of the apocalypse series. Step 3 complete, unleash the hounds!

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